Making a Take Home copy of Read&Write accessible to students

One of the great advantages of purchasing a site license of Read&Write is the ability to install the software on campus computers and student’s personal computers. For campus computers, the IT department can deploy Read&Write through the school's infrastructure just like any other software. With student’s personal computers you do not have that luxury. So we give you the ability to create a “Take Home” copy to give to them. (For instructions on creating a Take Home, please contact us-support@texthelpcom.)

Creating a Take Home will generate a compressed folder named “” which will only be 60.7KB. Once you have generated the on your computer, the next step is figure out a way to make it available to the students. While Take Home copies can be distributed individually to students, the most common and efficient way is to host the on a secure server or on your LMS. 

Hosting on a secure server: 

Have a link on your school website that points to a secure server, like Sharepoint. Have the in a folder where only students and faculty have permissions and will need their school credentials to gain access. We also recommend adding instructions for the end user. (You can contact Technical Support for the end user instructions at

 I asked Jean Vizvary, Director of Special Services at Marist College in New York, why they chose to host the Take Home on their servers and she said:

“This method saved time for the staff and by putting the links to the video tours online, students can watch the tours and decide if they want to download the program.”

Here are some screen shots from their website.


Hosting on a LMS: 

Because your LMS is already secure, this is a great medium for hosting the folder. I spoke with Ryan Avery who is the Learning Management Specialist at Williston State College in North Dakota about using their Moodle page to host. Williston State has a “course” in Moodle that all students are automatically enrolled in. This “course” is where students will find important information regarding Williston. This is also the place where they are hosting the Read&Write folder. Uploading the file is as simple as a teacher uploading a PDF or word document to their own Moodle page.

Here is a screenshot from Williston State’s Moodle page.