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Using Read&Write With SBAC

There are two methods for using Read&Write 12 with the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test:

1) Two computer method:  

SBAC and Read&Write 12 are opened on separate machines and the user can use Read&Write separately on one machine and then a proctor enters the student’s answers for them on the other machine

2) Use Read&Write 12 directly in SBAC test: 

Read&Write 12 for Windows can be used directly in the SBAC test by following these steps

  • Open Read&Write 12

  • Open SBAC test

  • Note: Firefox may prompt to install a Read&Write add on. Reading from the toolbar Play button will not read text while in the lockdown browser as it prevents access. As noted below, Screenshot Reader must be used

  • Once signed into SBAC under Embedded Accommodations (For students on IEP’s or 504 Plans) enable Permissive Mode to ON

SBAC Test Permissive Mode ON

  • Select Yes to save the setting then confirm the setting on the next screen

  • Note: The Read&Write 12 toolbar can be minimized to access the entire screen while in the SBAC test. Click the purple puzzle piece tab to retract the toolbar 

SBAC Test Read&Write 12 toolbar retracted

  • Click the purple puzzle piece tab again to bring the toolbar down to access Read&Write

SBAC Test Read&Write 12 toolbar extended


  • Only Screenshot Reader can be used to read text. Please click the link to see how Screenshot Reader works

  • Dictionary and Picture Dictionary can be used by entering words manually only. (Normally selecting a word and then clicking Dictionary or Picture Dictionary will automatically display the selected word, in SBAC, words must be entered manually)

  • These features can be disabled by an administrator by following the instructions in Using Exam Mode in Read&Write for Windows

  • Prediction can be used by inserting words using Function keys only. Please click on the link to see how function keys are used to insert predicted words Read&Write for Windows - Prediction

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