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Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome: Rewordify

02/19/2024Texthelp Support 2
This article demonstrates the functionality of the Rewordify feature in Read & Write for Google Chrome. Rewordify identifies complex or challenging words in your text and offers simpler alternatives to enhance comprehension. Upon clicking the R...

Steps for Google Admin to allow Read&Write for Google Chrome as a third party app in the Google Admin Console

01/26/2024Texthelp Support 2
On the homepage of Google Admin Console, select the "Review Apps" option within the App Access Control window. On the subsequent screen, select "View List" within the Configured Apps window. In the resulting window, clic...

Read&Write Software Downloads

09/13/2023Texthelp Support
Click any of the below to download the installer or get the App from the App Store.    Windows PC If you are using an unlimited or group license for Read&Write, information on getting Read&Write for Windows ready for deployment c...

How to Add New Account or Switch accounts in Google chrome

09/12/2023Texthelp Support 2
Add New Account:   On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click Profile . Click Add . Sign In If you choose to Sync to your Google Account, your profile name will automatically be your Account name. Choose a name, photo...

Important Information for Google Administrators: Changes to Third-Party App Access in Google Workspace for Education

09/11/2023Texthelp Support 2
If your users are managed via the Google Admin Console and are utilizing our tools in their extension or web application forms, there is some important news from Google on changes to how third-party app access will work going forward in Google Workspace for Education that admins should take note of to not cause any interruption to users.

Change to Talk&Type Feature in Google Docs

06/05/2023Texthelp Support 2
In Read&Write, the Talk&Type feature offers two voice settings: Use Google Voice Typing and Use Talk&Type.   The Google Voice Typing does not do capitalization or punctuation and will just type the words spoken.   The Talk&...

How to insert Voice Notes in Google Slides with Read&Write for Google Chrome

04/03/2023Texthelp Support 2
How to insert Voice Notes in Slides with Read&Write for Google Chrome

I Don’t Have Access To Premium Features In My Free For Family Subscription

10/28/2022Texthelp Support
How to get premium features for free for family subscription.

How To Change Read&Write for Google Chrome Default Settings for All Users

09/08/2022Texthelp Support 2
With Read&Write for Google Chrome version 2.0 administrators can now change the Read&Write for Google Chrome default settings for all users across a domain. To change settings on the toolbar for exams or to turn features off for all users, ...

Screenshot Reader Chrome Extension Blocked by Administrator

08/12/2022Texthelp Support 2
If you get a message when trying to add the Screenshot Reader   Chrome extensions   that shows that it is  blocked by administrator  there are likely restrictions on adding Chrome extensions on the domain your account i...
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