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Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome needs admin approval when signing in

04/13/2021Texthelp Support 2
How to give admin approval in Azure for Office 365 sign-in to Read&Write for Google Chrome

How to authenticate Read&Write for Google Chrome with an Office 365 account

11/21/2019Texthelp Support 2
If you have an Office 365 account and would like to use our Read&Write for Google Chrome extension, this article will show you how to add the extensions and sign in with your account.

Extensions required for Read&Write for Google Chrome

12/11/2018Texthelp Support 2
There are three extensions and an app that are all part of the Read&Write for Google Chrome product: The Read&Write for Google Chrome, Screenshot Reader, and Texthelp PDF Reader extensions and the Texthelp PDF Reader Drive App.

URLs for Whitelisting Texthelp Products

11/09/2018Texthelp Support 2
URLs to whitelist for Texthelp products

What Does My Read&Write Subscription Include?

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
Read&Write is available by annual subscription for singles, groups of students, or total student enrollment. Included in your annual subscription is access to Read&Write for all platforms.

Getting Started with Read&Write for Google Chrome

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
Read&Write for Google Chrome™ provides support tools for the web and common file types accessed through Google Drive, including Google Docs, Google Slides, Web Pages, PDFs and ePubs.This is a quick overview how how to access the product and where it can be used.

Deploying Chrome Apps and Extensions with Group Policy

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
To deploy Chrome apps and extensions for Windows using Group Policy, please see Set Chrome app and extension policies (Windows)

How do I switch languages to Irish in Read&Write for Google Chrome?

03/12/2021Texthelp Support 2
You can now use text-to-speech in Irish with Read&Write

How To Remove A Chrome Profile From A Chromebook Or Chrome Browser

03/03/2021Texthelp Support 2
How to remove a Chrome profile from a Chromebook or Chrome browser

Using the Texthelp ePub Reader

02/10/2020Texthelp Support 2
The Texthelp ePub Reader is newly designed Chrome Progressive Web App (PWA) that includes tools that are featured with Read&Write for Google Chrome* such as Hover Speech, Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Audio Maker, Web Search, Screen Masking, Translator, Highlighting and Vocabulary tools.
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