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Network Installation And Site Licence Support

Support Articles For Installing Claro Products Over A Network And Accessing Site Licences

User Data And Internet Access

09/12/2022Texthelp Support
Claro Software products internet access and user data information

Getting Your Windows And Mac Site Licence Software

09/09/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on accessing and downloading site licence software for Windows and Mac

Licensing Mac Applications Automatically

09/14/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on how to licence Mac applications automatically

Installing Claro iOS Apps On Multiple iPhones/iPads

09/13/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on installing Claro iOS applications on multiple iPhones and/or iPads

Provisioning Claro Cloud

10/19/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on provisioning Claro Cloud

Profiles, folders, settings and user data deployment

05/31/2023Texthelp Support
Where ClaroRead saves files on the network/user profile

Installing Claro Software On Your Network

10/19/2022Texthelp Support
Information on installing Claro software over a network

How To Install Claro Software On Windows Server 2022 Using Group Policy

10/19/2022Texthelp Support
Guide for installing Claro software using Group Policy on Windows Server 2022

Converting MSI And CAB Files Into One File

10/18/2022Texthelp Support
Guide for converting MSI and CAB files for installation

Pre-Configuring Mac For ClaroRead To Use In A Site Environment

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on configuring Mac for ClaroRead in a site environment
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