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ClaroRead For Chromebook and Chrome Browser

Support for ClaroRead if you are using the ClaroRead for Chrome extension or a Chromebook

ClaroRead For Chromebook And Chrome Browser User Guide

09/06/2022Texthelp Support
User guide for ClaroRead for Chromebook and Chrome browser

ClaroRead Chrome For DSA

09/06/2022Texthelp Support
Guide to get ClaroRead Chrome installed for DSA students

Installing Claro Chrome Apps And Extensions

09/06/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on installing Claro apps and extensions in Google Chrome and Chromebook

Activating ClaroRead Chrome

05/22/2023Texthelp Support
Guide to support activating the ClaroRead extension for Chrome

Using Local Voice On ClaroRead Chrome And Microsoft Edge

11/21/2022Texthelp Support
Guide and link to install the ClaroRead SAPI5 voice server.

ClaroRead Chrome Site Policies

11/16/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on setting up ClaroRead Chrome Extension Settings And Policies

ClaroRead Chrome Voices

09/06/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on how to change and get more voices in Claro Chrome

Provisioning ClaroRead Chrome, iOS And Web Apps

09/06/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on how to unlock premium features when using Chrome, iOS and Web based apps

ClaroRead Chrome Not Working With PDF

11/16/2022Texthelp Support
Guide to allow ClaroPDF to open whilst viewing PDFs

For Dutch/Swedish Browser Language: ClaroRead Chrome Language Detection

03/01/2023Texthelp Support
How to enable Language detection in ClaroRead Chrome (only for Dutch/Swedish language browsers)
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