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How do I remove my Google OU from uPAR?

(A Google admin for the OU who is also an admin on the License for the Don Johnston tool can remove the OU.)

1. The admin needs to login to:

2. Select "Manage Students".

3. Select "Organizational Units".

4. Click on the Trash can to the right of the OU you want to remove.*

5. Select Notify me if you want to know when the OU has been removed from the tool. ( You will be sent an email when the OU has been removed.)

6. Click on "OK".

It may take a few minutes for the OU to be removed. You will need to log out then back in to see the changes after the sync is complete.

*The students data is stored in the users account, student data is removed after 30 days if the if the user account is no longer associated with a uPAR license

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