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Teacher/Course Designer Installation Of Equatio For Canvas

The following are instructions for Canvas Teachers/Course Designers to add the Equatio for LMS app to specific Canvas courses. For Canvas Administrator instructions please click here:

Note: This will require information from your Canvas Admin

Log in to your Teacher Dashboard, click on the “Courses” sidebar and select the course you are looking to add Equatio for

Teacher Dashboard

Click the “Settings” button to bring you to the External Apps screen below

External apps

Click on the +App button which will pull up the dialog to add Equatio for LMS

Add app

Click the drop down for “Configuration type” and select “By URL”

Change Configuration type

By url option

Fill out the fields for the Add App screen as follows:

Name: Equatio

Consumer Key: This will be your Product Code

Shared Secret and Config URL can be found in the purchase email along with your Product Code. If you have not received these or have any questions, please contact us directly at

Once these have been entered click Submit. A green confirmation screen that the app was successfully added will appear, and Equatio will appear under your External Apps list

App added

External app added

Click the gear icon next to Equatio under External Apps and select "Edit" - under the Launch URL field, add "" then click Submit

Edit app options

You should see a green confirmation window letting you know the app has been configured successfully:

App added

To ensure the app has been added correctly, click on the gear icon to the right of Equatio, and select “Placements”

You should see the following text under App Placements indicating the app was successfully configured and installed:

App placements window

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