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ClaroRead For Windows

Support for ClaroRead if you are using Windows

ClaroRead Help and Manuals

09/01/2022Texthelp Support
User guides for ClaroRead and SaveToVideo

ClaroRead SE Help Files And User Guides

09/01/2022Texthelp Support
Help files and user guides for ClaroRead SE

User Guides for ClaroRead Extras

01/31/2024Texthelp Support
User guides for the ClaroRead "extras" software

Claro Support Toolkit

09/12/2022Texthelp Support
Support Toolkit download for ClaroRead for Windows and a run down of included tools.

ClaroRead Installation

01/25/2023Texthelp Support
User guide for installing ClaroRead

ClaroRead Online Activation Messages (And What They Mean)

09/01/2022Texthelp Support
Activation errors for ClaroRead, what they mean and solutions to fix them.

Downloading New ClaroRead Voices

10/27/2022Texthelp Support
Guide to download new voices for ClaroRead

Fixing Speech That’s Not Producing Any Sound But The Volume Shows It’s Working

09/02/2022Texthelp Support
Fixing ClaroRead when there is no sound but the volume shows audio is playing

Fixing Problems With Speech

09/02/2022Texthelp Support
Fixes for ClaroRead when the speech is not working.

Fixing Problems With Microsoft Word

09/21/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on fixing issues with Microsoft Word and ClaroRead
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