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ClaroRead Not Reading PDF Documents In Adobe

On Microsoft Windows you may find that ClaroRead does not read text in Adobe Reader.
This can be caused by certain security settings.

Protected View

If Adobe Reader is showing a message “Protected View: This file originated from a potentially unsafe location, and most features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks” then click “Enable All Features” and try again.

Open Adobe Reader, open the Edit menu, and select the Preferences menu item.
Adobe Reader Edit Menu showing Preferences highlighted

  • From the Categories list at the left select “Security (Enhanced)”
  • You can disable this entirely by changing “Protected View” to “Off” in the "Security (Enhanced)” tab.
    Then you will never see this message again (but you will not be protected by Protected View for any PDF files).
    Adobe Reader Security (Enhanced) menu showing Protected View highlighted with Off selected

  • You can also use the option "Files from potentially unsafe locations"
    This will present you with a Protected View message when you open a PDF from a potentially unsafe location, this will allow you to "Enable All Features" if you trust the source/document. With Enable All Features selected, ClaroRead will be able to read.
    Be aware that using the "Enable All Features" will let Adobe remember this selection and add the path to a list of "safe" documents (this list of file paths can also be found in the Security (Enhanced) tab)
    Protected View option for Adobe showing Enable All Features option

This applies to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Adobe Acrobat DC too.

You can also switch to using ClaroPDF, our accessible, fast and self-voicing PDF reader for Windows, which is included with ClaroRead.

Mark of the web

You can also remove the mark of the web flag from a file (which can cause issues in relation to security)

  • Windows 8 and 10:
    Right click your file
    Click Properties
    In General, under Security select the Unblock tick box
  • Windows 11:
    Right click you file
    Click Show More Options
    Click Properties
    In General, under security, select the Unblock tick box

Properties menu showing Unblock highlighted

Accessibility Setup Assistant

When running through the Accessibility setup assistant, you will be presented with a few pages of options.
One of the options has the option Do not read the document.
If this option is enabled, ClaroRead will not read the document.
Please use the option Only read the currently visible page. Adobe reader Accessibility setup assistant showing the options for reading the document

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