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Admin Installation Of Equatio LTI For Brightspace D2L

This article will go over how to install the Equatio LTI and make it available within your Brightspace D2L instance.

Please note: This integration will require that Content-Item Message service is enabled for your instance, for steps on how to do this, click here.

Log in to your Brightspace instance as an Administrator, click on the gear icon in the upper right and select "Remote Plugins"
Brightspace options

Select "New Remote Plugin" and enter the following information

New Remote Login

Plugin Type: Insert Stuff (CIM)

Name: Equatio

Launch Point URL*:

LTI Key: Enter your Product Code found in your purchase email

LTI Secret: Enter your Shared Secret found in your purchase email

OAuth Signature Method: HMAC-SHA1

You can then make the plugin available to your root organizational unit or any you choose.

Next we will click on the gear icon in the upper right and select "External Learning Tools"

External learning tools option

Select "Manage Tool Providers", find Equatio and select "Edit Tool Provider"

Edit tool provider link

Ensure the security settings are set as shown:

Security settings

Once complete, choose the Org Units you wish to make this available for, then click Save and Close

If you have any issues with your installation, please contact

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