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Read&Write for Windows

Read&Write for Windows (latest version)

Updating to the latest version of Read&Write for Windows

05/20/2021Texthelp Support
Read&Write can be updated by pushing out the latest version of the Read&Write MSI or by pushing out the patches. To check your version of Read&Write, go to  Read&Write Settings > About Read&Write . Updati...

Texthelp - Intune Deployment Guides

03/28/2024Texthelp Support
Texthelp - Intune Deployment Guides:- Intune Win Package Intune Business App MSI ...

Read&Write Software Downloads

09/04/2023Texthelp Support
Click any of the below to download the installer or get the App from the App Store.    Windows PC If you are using an unlimited or group license for Read&Write, information on getting Read&Write for Windows ready for deployment c...

How to Fix Read&Write for Windows not Reading in Microsoft Word

08/02/2023Texthelp Support
How to perform an Office Repair and other fixes for Microsoft Word

Read&Write AutoCorrect Command Line Install Switches

05/31/2023Texthelp Support
Command line installation switches for Global AutoCorrect

Read&Write AutoCorrect Frequently Asked Questions

05/31/2023Texthelp Support
Frequently asked questions for Read&Write AutoCorrect

Microsoft Two Factor Authentication

12/19/2022Texthelp Support
Microsoft Two Factor Authentication

Support For Read&Write Desktop Chrome Extension Permissions Change

11/16/2022Texthelp Support
What’s new A new updated version of the “Support for Read&Write Desktop” Chrome extension has been released.  This update enables Read&Write to work with Chrome using Google’s newest security and performanc...

I Don’t Have Access To Premium Features In My Free For Family Subscription

10/27/2022Texthelp Support
How to get premium features for free for family subscription.

Installing A Group Or Unlimited License On A Standalone Computer

05/19/2022Texthelp Support
How to install a group or unlimited license on a standalone computer
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