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Installing A Group Or Unlimited License On A Standalone Computer

To install Read&Write on standalone computers:-

  1. Download and install Read&Write on a computer.

  1. Download the Multi-User Setup tool and run the Read&Write Multi User Setup.exe. This will install the application to your computer. When it’s finished, you’ll find a Read&Write shortcut on your Desktop.

Read&Write icon

  1. Double click on the Read&Write Multi-User Setup shortcut and the Welcome screen will appear. 

Multi User Setup Tool Welcome Screen

  1. Click the Get Started button.

  1. Select Network of computers.

Multi User Setup Tool setup screen

  1. Select Let Windows Take Care of them.

Multi User Setup Tool settings screen

  1. Enter your Product Code. This can be found in the email you received when Read&Write was purchased.

Multi User Setup Tool Enter Product Code

  1. Choose where you want to save the config MSI that will be created. 

This will default to your desktop.

  1.  Click Create.

Multi User Setup Tool Finish Screen

  1. Deploy this MSI along with the Read&Write software across your network using your preferred deployment methods. 

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