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Read&Write for Microsoft Edge

Read&Write Software Downloads

09/13/2023Texthelp Support
Click any of the below to download the installer or get the App from the App Store.    Windows PC If you are using an unlimited or group license for Read&Write, information on getting Read&Write for Windows ready for deployment c...

Accessing The Take Home Version Of Read&Write

06/11/2018Texthelp Support 2
If your organization has a Read&Write license with Take Home rights, students can access Read&Write when they are at home or off campus

Licensing Read&Write For Microsoft Edge

12/04/2017Texthelp Support 2
How to License Read&Write For Microsoft Edge.

Deploying Read&Write For Microsoft Edge Using Group Policy

06/23/2020Texthelp Support 2
Instructions on how to install Read&Write for Microsoft Edge using Group Policy.

Using Read&Write for Microsoft Edge With The New Version Of Microsoft Edge

02/12/2020Texthelp Support 2
Instructions on how to use Read&Write with the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Read&Write Premium/Freemium Features

04/30/2019Texthelp Support 2
Features that Read&Write has based on Freemium or Premium versions.

How To Sign In/Out Of Read&Write For Microsoft Edge

10/26/2017Texthelp Support 2
Once Read&Write for Microsoft Edge is installed, you’ll need to sign in with a Microsoft Office 365 account. Please follow these instructions to sign in or out.
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