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Adding the Equatio LTI to your InfiniteCampus tenant

The following article will explain how to add the Equatio LTI to your InfiniteCampus tenant

1. Add New App

  • Navigate to the Digital Learning Application Configuration Page (using search bar)

  • Select Add Application Card

Add Application Card window

2. Add Equatio

  • Search for or navigate to the Equatio application and select it

Find Equatio app

3. Generate New Connection

  • Expand the LTI Connection card

  • Select +Add LTI Connection

Add LTI Connection

4. Insert Key and Secret

  • Insert key and secret from Equatio in corresponding text fields (note: if you do not know your key or secret, please email

  • Click SAVE in the action bar

New LTI Configuration

5. Enabled

  • Green notification appears

  • Connection is enabled

Connection is enabled

If you have any questions or issues regarding installation, please contact our support team at

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