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ClaroRead For Mac

Support for ClaroRead if you are using an Apple Mac

ClaroRead User Guides For Mac

09/02/2022Texthelp Support
User guides for ClaroRead for Mac

ClaroRead And Apple MacOS Security Warnings

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
How ClaroRead interacts with Mac OS, Security warnings and what they mean

"Failed To Install" on Mac Ventura

05/22/2023Texthelp Support
Support for installation when the error Failed to Install appears

Mac Support Downloads

09/15/2022Texthelp Support
Support downloads for ClaroRead for Mac

Mac Voices

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
A guide on managing your ClaroRead voices and where to get them

ScreenRuler, Scan From Screen Mac And Multiple Monitors

09/16/2022Texthelp Support
Troubleshooting for Mac ScreenRuler, Scan From Screen not working on multiple monitors

Downloading New Claro Voices

01/25/2023Texthelp Support
To download new voices for ClaroRead for Mac, you can download these from your Claro account or by using the Voice menu inside ClaroRead. Voice Menu When you open ClaroRead, you can click on settings to reveal the Speech menu. If you cli...

ClaroRead Mac Toolbar Does Not Reappear After Minimising

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
A guide on how to change the settings to stop the ClaroRead for Mac toolbar to stop vanishing

Speak Under Mouse, Keyboard Echo And Prediction Not Working

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
Steps to fix ClaroRead for Mac OS when the speak under mouse, keyboard echo and prediction are not working

Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on how to fix problems with keyboard shortcuts not working on Mac
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