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ClaroRead For Mac

Support Articles For Apple Mac Computers

ClaroRead User Guides For Mac

09/02/2022Texthelp Support
User guides for ClaroRead for Mac

ClaroRead And Apple MacOS Monterey

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
How ClaroRead interacts with Mac OS Monterey

Mac Support Downloads

09/15/2022Texthelp Support
Support downloads for ClaroRead for Mac

ClaroRead Mac Toolbar Does Not Reappear After Minimising

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
A guide on how to change the settings to stop the ClaroRead for Mac toolbar to stop vanishing

Speak Under Mouse, Keyboard Echo And Prediction Not Working

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
Steps to fix ClaroRead for Mac OS when the speak under mouse, keyboard echo and prediction are not working

Mac System Voices

09/05/2022Texthelp Support
A guide to use the Mac system voices and upgrade them

Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on how to fix problems with keyboard shortcuts not working on Mac
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