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"Failed To Install" on Mac Ventura

Mac Ventura has introduced a lot of updates to security and privacy.

As such, sometimes our applications will not install, and you may see an error message that states: "Failed to install. Contact software manufacturer"

If you see this error, you can try moving the installer file to your desktop and opening it here.
If this still does not solve your problem, you can use the following steps:

1. Right Click the installer file and select Get Info
Right click menu
2. Make sure that Read&Write privilege is enabled for your user
Sharing and Permissions menu from the Get Info menu3. Open System Settings>Privacy & Security>Files and Folders
System Preferences showing Privacy and Security highlighted
4.Click on Installer and enable Downloads Folder
Files and folders screen showing the installer tab open with Downloads Folder enabled
5.Run the installer again.

If you still face issues when installing, please contact the support team for your product for further troubleshooting.

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