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Importing a Mind Map

Global Tasks can import mind maps from MindView and Inspirations.

The supported file types are .insmaps (for Inspiration) and .mvdx (for MindView)

In Inspiration, you will need to Export to Inspiration Maps.
Inspiration file menu showing Export to Inspiration Maps highlighted
If this option is not available, you will need to Make a Diagram Document first, and then Export to Inspiration Maps.
Inspiration file menu showing Make Diagram Document highlighted

For MindView, you will click on File>Save as>Computer>Browse an then choose your save location.
MindView File menu showing Save As option selected

Once you have saved your Mind Map to your computer, open Global Tasks.

In Global Tasks, click on the drop down arrow next to your account name, then click on Import mind map

GlobalTasks menu showing Import mind map highlighted

You will see a screen where you can click on the box to open your File Explorer, this will let you find your mind map and then double click it to start the import
 You can drag your mind map onto the square and then drop it.

After this, you can click Import Data.

GlobalTasks import screen


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