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How To Create A USB Version Of Read&Write For Mac

USB minimum specification

The USB must have at least 4GB of free space and have a minimum Read Speed of 15Mb/s.

Steps to create your USB version of Read&Write

1. Download Read&Write for Mac from

2. Click on the Read&Write for Mac Installer link to download the Read&Write.dmg file.

3. Insert your USB into your Mac.

4. Open the Read&Write.dmg file by double-clicking on it.  

5. Copy the Read&Write application in the DMG and paste it into Applications on your Mac.

6. Now copy it from Applications onto your USB.  You can now eject the Read&Write.dmg file


Getting started with Read&Write

You can now open Read&Write from your USB and start using it. The first time you use Read&Write, you’ll need to sign in. Choose from one of 6 providers:

Google login page

Facebook login page

Microsoft login page 

Twitter login page 

LinkedIn login page

Once logged in, enter your Product Code to turn on access to the premium features. To do this, click on Read&Write on your Mac toolbar and go to About Read&Write. Enter your product code in the box provided and click Activate when finished. You’ll now have access to the premium features of Read&Write for the duration of your subscription.

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