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How to Configure OrbitNote as a Trusted Third Party App in the Google Admin Console

03/15/2024Texthelp Support 2
Sign in with your Admin account at Navigate on the left sidebar to Security -> Access and data control -> API Controls Then click on "Manage Third Party-App Access" Click on "Add app" -> &qu...

Opening PDF's Automatically into OrbitNote

02/01/2024Texthelp Support 2
This article will go over all of the ways a PDF can be directly opened into OrbitNote Opening PDFs from Google Drive: To Have PDFs in Google Drive open directly into OrbitNote, you will need to set OrbitNote as the default PDF reader in your Goo...

Important Information for Google Administrators: Changes to Third-Party App Access in Google Workspace for Education

09/11/2023Texthelp Support 2
If your users are managed via the Google Admin Console and are utilizing our tools in their extension or web application forms , there is some important news from Google on changes to how third-party app access will work going forward in Google ...

I Get a "Popups disabled" Warning when Signing into OrbitNote

05/10/2023Texthelp Support 2
If you see this screen when navigating to : Then you will need to allow pop-ups before being able to sign into OrbitNote Click on the icon to the left of your address bar, then toggle the Pop-ups and redirects option to ...

Switching between Snap&Read and Read&Write features in OrbitNote

04/06/2023Texthelp Support 2
I have access to Read&Write and Snap&Read how can I switch between those features in OrbitNote?

Pushing Out Default Settings For The OrbitNote Extension.

11/03/2022Texthelp Support 2
This article will walk you through changing the default settings for the OrbitNote extension. The settings are Open Web PDFs , Open Classroom PDFs Directly , and Brightspace/D2L integration enabled .  Login to the Google Admin Consol...

Adding a Digital Signature with OrbitNote

09/14/2022Texthelp Support 2
How to add digital signatures to your PDFs with OrbitNote

Using OrbitNote in D2L Brightspace

07/12/2022Texthelp Support 2
How to use OrbitNote in D2L Brightspace as a teacher or student

How To OCR Scan Your PDFs

01/20/2022Texthelp Support 2

Getting Started With OrbitNote

07/21/2021Texthelp Support 2
Getting Started With OrbitNote
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