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Important Information for Google Administrators: Changes to Third-Party App Access in Google Workspace for Education

If your users are managed via the Google Admin Console and are utilizing our tools in their extension or web application forms, there is some important news from Google on changes to how third-party app access will work going forward in Google Workspace for Education that admins should take note of to not cause any interruption to users.

This announcement can be viewed in Google's blog post linked here: Third-party app access enhancements for Google Workspace for Education

IMPORTANT: What this means for Texthelp extensions and applications:

All Google Workspace for Education Admins must review and confirm access settings for third-party configured apps that are currently accessible to your users by Oct 23, 2023 in order for users designated as under 18 to maintain access to those third-party apps. This includes any Texthelp applications in your Google environment.

Also: Users designated as under 18 using the age-based access setting are required to request access to apps that aren’t already configured by admins with a trusted, limited, or blocked access setting.

What you need to do:

Google admins should follow Google's guidance and Confirm your third-party app settings by October 23, 2023 
This will ensure there is no interruption when those changes become required.

Checking on your non-configured apps and their access settings is important as well leading up to this date:
Manage access to unconfigured third-party apps for users designated as under 18

See our Support Article with steps to configure 3rd party app access as Trusted for OrbitNote

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