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Switching between Snap&Read and Read&Write features in OrbitNote

I have access to Read&Write and Snap&Read how can I switch between those features in OrbitNote?

If you have Snap&Read and Read&Write you can switch between Read&Write and Snap&Read features in OrbitNote using the steps below.*

  1. Go to 

  2. Click Settings

  3. On your keyboard:

    • For Windows and Chromebook users, hold down Alt and press O, N, A (sequentially)

    • For Mac users, hold down Option and press O, N, A (sequentially)

  4. A new setting appears on the page

Activate Snap&Read toggle

If you want to use theRead&Write features in OrbitNote, make sure this setting is off. If you want to use the Snap&Read features, make sure this setting is on. **

Open a PDF and you’ll see the appropriate features on the toolbar.***

*You must have access to Read&Write to use the features. 

**Refresh any PDFs you already have open in OrbitNote to see the change.

***If you open a PDF with Snap&Read, this will always default to only showing the Snap&Read features.

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