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Mac Support Downloads

ClaroRead Uninstaller (7.6 MB)

  • Installs and runs /Applications/Utilities/ClaroRead

    • Allows you to uninstall all Claro apps and voices.

    • Allows you to to reset the settings of all Claro apps.

    • Allows you to reset the Claro license keys on your Mac.

Writing Helper Uninstaller

  • Installs and runs /Applications/Utilities/Writing Helper This app enables you to:

    • Uninstall Writing Helper.

    • Reset Writing Helper’s settings.

    • Unlicense the Writing Helper licence key on your Mac.

Claro Mac Voice Downloader

  • No longer available separately, in ClaroRead click on the ClaroRead file menu entry and then Download more Claro voices. Also available at the bottom of the voice list in Settings.

Claro Mac Licence Checker (6.7 MB)

  • If one of our Mac programs is not working properly when you enter a licence key, use this program on a support call so we can gather more information about the problem.

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