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Read&Write for Windows and Office 365 Support

Office 365 Support for Read&Write

Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of software and services subscriptions, which together provide productivity software and related services to subscribers. It covers cloud storage, office products, email services, etc.


E.g available with Office 365 Pro Plus is:

  • Office installed on PC - (Desktop installed )
  • Office Online - (Web App in the browser)
  • Office installed on PC - (Click to run installation)

We fully support Office on PC version that comes with O365 Pro Plus (we recommend to use this) and for OfficeOnline support as specified below

Office fully installed on PC

  • Fully compatible


Office Online, e.g Word online

  • Speech supported by selection and from cursor position
  • Selected text features of Read&Write will work with Office 365 apps, such as Picture Dictionary, Speech Maker or Dictionary lookups
  • Check It can be used with text selection
  • Read&Write will work in Word Online, Excel Online, One Note online in edit mode
  • Features supported in Google Chrome:-
    • Word Online, OneNote Online 
    • Text to speech 
    • Dictionary  
    • Picture Dictionary 
    • Pop-Up Dictionary 
    • Prediction 
    • Check It - single paragraph selections only 
    • Screenshot Reader 
    • Audio Maker 
    • Screen Masking 
    • Talk&Type 
    • Highlighters 
    • Translator


Office installed on PC - Click to run 

  • Not supported
  • Click-to-Run system which allows users to begin using the applications almost instantaneously while files are streamed in the background
  • As all the files Read&Write needs are not present on the machine it cannot integrate correctly with Office
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