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Deployment Option 1 - Users Sign Into Read&Write With Google Or Office 365

Please note:- If your organization does not use G Suite or Office 365, the Multi-User Setup Tool should be used to setup Read&Write for users that don't sign in.

To deploy Read&Write so your users can sign in to Read&Write with Google or Office 365:-

  1. Download Read&Write for Windows from the Read&Write Software Downloads article.

  2. Deploy the Read&Write application across your network using your preferred software deployment methods

When your end users launch Read&Write, they will be asked to sign in using their Google or Office 365 account.

IMPORTANT: The email domain your end users log in with needs to match the domain information you provided to Texthelp when your software was purchased. For more information on this, please contact Tech Support at

Extensions are needed to allow Read&Write to interact with your browser.  Information on these extensions can be found in the Using Read&Write for Windows with Google Chrome and Using Read&Write for Windows with Microsoft Edge articles.

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