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Using Read&Write For Windows With Microsoft Edge

Read&Write can now be used with the new version of Microsoft Edge.  If you’re using the new version of Microsoft Edge your icon will be like the icon in this image:

Microsoft Edge icon

To use Read&Write with Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Read&Write go to Read&Write settings > Show more settings > About Read&Write.
  2. Check that the version of Read&Write in the About box is 12.0.59 or above.  If the version is below 12.0.58, click on the Check for updates link to download and install available updates.
  3. Open Microsoft Edge.  A tab will open with the Support for Read&Write Desktop extension.  Click on the button at the top of the window to Allow extensions from other stores.

Allow Extensions from other stores

If you are not automatically prompted to install the Support for Read&Write Desktop extension, you can also get it from this link to the extension.

4. A message will be displayed asking if you want to allow extensions from stores other than the Microsoft Store.  Click Allow.

Allow button

5. You will now be able to add extensions from the Chrome Store to Microsoft Edge.  Click the Add to Chrome button.

Add to Chrome button

  1. A message will be displayed asking if you want to add Support for Read&Write Desktop to Microsoft Edge.  Click Add Extension.

Add extension

A message will appear to let you know that the extension has been successfully added to Microsoft Edge.

Extension has been added

Read&Write for Windows is now ready to be used with Microsoft Edge.

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