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Using Read&Write for Windows with Microsoft Teams

Read&Write for Windows can be used with Microsoft Teams when Microsoft Teams has been added as an app on your computer.  To do this:-

  1. In Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge, go to the Microsoft Teams Web App.

  1. In your browser go to Settings > Apps and click on Install this site as an app.

Microsoft Edge Settings

  1. Enter the name you want to use for Microsoft Teams and click the Install button.

Enter a name for your app window

Microsoft Teams will now open in a new window. 

You will now be able to access this from a shortcut on your Desktop or by clicking on your Windows Start button and going to Applications.  

To pin this to your Desktop for faster access, go to Start and find the application in the list of Applications.  Right click and go to More > Pin to taskbar.

Pin to taskbar option

Read&Write for Windows can now be used when this Microsoft Teams app is used on your computer.

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