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Read&Write for Windows

Read&Write for Windows (latest version)

Read&Write Compatibility with Microsoft Word 2021

10/05/2021Texthelp Support
Read&Write is compatible with the new version however new modern commenting within the Word documents currently does not support displaying Read&Write Voice Notes. Please follow these instructions.

Moving The Read&Write For Work Toolbar

06/28/2021Texthelp Support
How to move the Read&Write for Work toolbar around your screen.

Getting The Read&Write For Work Toolbar

06/28/2021Texthelp Support
How to get the new Read&Write for Work Toolbar.

Checking What Email Address You Used To Sign Into Read&Write

06/28/2021Texthelp Support
How to find the email address used to sign into Read&Write for Windows.

Signing Into Read&Write For Windows

06/28/2021Texthelp Support
How to sign into Read&Write for Windows.

Read&Write For Windows Dictation/Talk&Type and Commands

06/25/2021Texthelp Support
Information on Read&Write for Windows Dictation/Talk&Type.

Licensing And VDI Environments

05/20/2021Texthelp Support
Information on how Read&Write works with Virtual Environments.

Activating Read&Write For Windows On Offline Computers

11/24/2020Texthelp Support
How to activate a single user license copy of Read&Write on a computer that doesn't have an internet connection.

Using Read&Write For Windows With Respondus LockDown Browser

07/06/2020Texthelp Support
How to use Read&Write for Windows with Respondus LockDown Browser.

Using Read&Write for Windows with Microsoft Teams

05/25/2020Texthelp Support
How to add Microsoft Teams as an app to your computer so Read&Write for Windows can be used with it.
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