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PDFs Are Not Detected Or Opened Using ReachDeck

ReachDeck can read PDF documents, if you launch the ReachDeck Toolbar and click on the PDF link on the website, the PDF will open with the ReachDeck Toolbar, the PDF has to open within the browser window.

If the toolbar does not appear it may be due to the PDF link not ending in “.pdf ”, ReachDeck can only pick up to check if the link ends in .pdf before the ? (querystring) part of the url.

ReachDeck will also pick up PDFs if the link is marked with type="application/pdf" e.g <a href="/media/file.php" type="application/pdf">

Click on the F12 button on your keyboard, the Web Developer Tool will appear as below, click on the small arrow key highlighted in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Web Developer window

If you can now hover your mouse over the PDF link on the page, you will see if the link ends in the prefix  .PDF in the Web Developer Window.

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