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Unable to add document to Google Drive

When using the Read&Write app for iOS, you may run into problems when trying to create a document in the Google Drive folder.

This appears when you can see a new document but the icon is opaque and won't let you open it in the Read&Write app, you also won't be able to see it in your Google Drive.

This is due to how Google Drive allows interaction to creating new documents.

To add documents to your Google Drive, please use the Create a Document icon whilst you are on the "On My iPad" section.Read&Write iOS app showing the Create document icon highlighted

Then, once you have created the document and opened it, you will be able to use the "Save to Google Drive" option to add this to your Google Drive.
Once you have done this, you can then open the document from the Google Drive location.
Read&Write iOS app showing the upload and save to Google Drive options highlighted

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