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ClaroRead Installation

To get started installing your new ClaroRead software, you should head to

From here you will create an account by using Create account link at the bottom, or by signing in using one of our Sign in with options.

Claro account login page

Once you have your account made, if you open My Licence Keys, you will be able to put your key in here and this will unlock your downloads.

Claro account homepage showing the Admin panel

Back on your Claro account home page, you will need to open Windows or Apple Mac to access your installer.

Claro account homepage showing the Software Downloads panel

The following screenshots are for Windows, the Mac installation may look different but the steps are the same.

You will begin by running the installer from your browser/downloads folder and you will see this screen.
 You should click Next.

ClaroRead setup wizard

You will need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
 Next page will ask for your Licence Key, type this in or copy it and paste it into this field.

ClaroRead setup wizard showing licence key screen

You will click Complete.

ClaroRead setup wizard showing installation types

After clicking Install, there will be a few windows with progress bars and after a few minutes it will be completed and ClaroRead will be installed.

ClaroRead setup wizard showing the Ready to install screen

For our standalone elements (such as ScreenRuler) you can still follow this guide, as our installation process is similar across Claro software products.

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