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ClaroRead For Windows

Support Articles For ClaroRead For Windows

ClaroRead And ClaroCapture Keyboard Shortcuts

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
ClaroRead and ClaroCapture keyboard shortcuts

Disable Spellcheck In ClaroRead For Exams

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
User guide to disable spell check in ClaroRead for use in an exam setting

No Icons On ClaroRead Toolbar

09/01/2022Texthelp Support
Fixing the ClaroRead toolbar when it does not display icons.

Fixing ClaroRead When It Won't Start

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
Troubleshooting and common fixes for when ClaroRead for Windows won't start

Moving Your Licence To A New Computer

09/01/2022Texthelp Support
How to move your licence for ClaroRead onto your new computer

Scanning/OCR Troubleshooting For PDF Files

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
Troubleshooting steps for ClaroRead when it won't read/speak PDF files

Choosing Where To Start Reading With Claro Read In Adobe Reader PDF On Touchscreens

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
Guide on how to select your start point in Adobe Reader PDF on a touchscreen

Using ClaroRead With Dragon Speech Recognition

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on how to use ClaroRead and Dragon Speech Recognition software

Using The Pronunciation Editor To Speak Non-Western Characters

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
User guide on how to add non-western characters and symbols to ClaroRead using the pronunciation editor

Fixing Webcams And Scanners Not Working In Scan2Text (And FaceMouse)

09/07/2022Texthelp Support
Troubleshooting and fixes for Webcams and scanners for Scan2Text and FaceMouse
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