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Using The Pronunciation Editor To Speak Non-Western Characters

You can make ClaroRead speak non-Western characters using a Western voice, for example reading Greek characters in chemistry using RealSpeak Daniel. You need to be an administrator, you may need your Windows installation CD, and only one non-Western language can be supported in addition to English – English and Cyrillic, or English and Greek are fine, but not Greek and Cyrillic.

  1. Open Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.

  2. Select the Advanced tab.

  3. In the “Language for non-Unicode programs” section select the language for the characters you want to read, for example Russian.

  4. Restart your machine.

  5. Open ClaroRead and Word.

  6. Select and copy one character to be spoken, e.g. “Я”. pronounce settings editor window

  7. Open ClaroRead settings and click the Pronounce button.

  8. Paste the character “Я” into the “Word to replace” box. This may take a couple of tries: if it does not work, copy and paste again.

  9. Type the English pronunciation into the “New Pronunciation”, e.g.”ya” for “Я”.

  10. Click the “AddReplace” button and ensure the character and pronunciation appears in the list to the left.

  11. Click OK and OK the settings dialog.

ClaroRead should now correctly pronounce the character “Я ” as “ya” when it encounters it. You will have to do this with every character you wish to have pronounced.

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