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AutoCorrect Frequently Asked Questions

Does AutoCorrect work in every programme?
Yes, AutoCorrect will correct your spelling in all programs, so you can use it for essays or reports, emails, presentations and on the web. The only exceptions are certain video games which deliberately block the methods the program uses. You can also choose to exclude a particular program from AutoCorrect if you don’t want your spelling to be corrected in it.

Can I use the program with Music or Video Editing software?
Yes, however for example some streaming software programmes use the same shortcut keys, so you may need to reconfigure them in either of the programmes.

You could also pause AutoCorrect or exclude it from a specific programme if required. We wouldn’t recommend this as you wont have AutoCorrect supporting you in these programmes. 

How will AutoCorrect improve my spelling
AutoCorrect keeps track of your spelling mistakes so you can work on them in your own time. To see your most common misspellings, open AutoCorrect and select “View corrections”. You can view the list alphabetically, in order of most/least corrected words, or by date.

Can I use AutoCorrect  on more than one computer?
Yes, one user can have AutoCorrect running on up to three computers 

Does AutoCorrect correct every word I type?
AutoCorrect automatically corrects many of your spelling mistakes in the background so you can focus on your work and spend less time spell-checking. Sometimes, however, homophones or ambiguous words leave AutoCorrect uncertain. If that’s the case, it won’t just guess. If the word is too close to another word for AutoCorrect to decide, you will have the option to check which words AutoCorrect is thinking of and then select the option. This happens by pressing the F2 key on a Windows computer and shift+command+A on a macOS computer. Once you have told AutoCorrect what the correct word is, next time it knows to correct it for you.

Does AutoCorrect collect data from me?
AutoCorrect does not require registration or logging in, so is not linked to the user personally. The only data we collect, if you allow us to, is an anonymised (=not linked to the user) list of words we have corrected. This is for product improvement purposes, to see how frequently and accurately we correct words and which words we are not correcting, but possibly should. For this data collection, we filter out anything that looks like personally identifiable information, like names, addresses, email addresses, anything with numbers etc. You will find the data sharing setting on first installation and can always go to settings to change it later on.

The anonymised data (=list of words) is stored in our servers in Ireland.

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