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For Dutch/Swedish Browser Language: ClaroRead Chrome Language Detection

This article only applies to ClaroRead Chrome and Edge when the browser language is Dutch/Swedish.

ClaroRead Chrome will detect the language when reading in Google, and change the voice to the appropriate language (where applicable)

To enable this, open ClaroRead Chrome and click on Settings.

claroread chrome toolbar

Inside the settings menu, if you navigate to View and enable Automatic Language Switching.

claroread chrome settings showing View screen

Once this is enabled, on your toolbar, make sure there is a tick next to the Automatic Language Switching icon.

claroread chrome toolbar with language detection enabled

ClaroRead will need a reasonable amount of text to detect the language as with small samples of text, it may not be accurate in detecting the language.

To test the function is working, use the following test text:

testa svenska för att se om språkdetektering i claroread chrome uppfattar det som svenska.   

test of english to see if language detection in claroread chrome picks it up as english.

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