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Licensing Mac Applications Automatically

Starting with ClaroRead 8.2 (2022) our apps, such as ClaroRead and Writing Helper, will check for and read a plist file on startup and license accordingly. This saves the user having to type in the license key in manually when the app is first launched.

The file that the key is stored in is located here: /Users/shared/.com.clarosoftware.licensekey.plist

To add a license key to the file, using Terminal (or a script), enter the following, but add your license key instead of the Xs:

defaults write /Users/shared/.com.clarosoftware.licensekey.plist key -array-add XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Do this for each Claro key you have (e.g. ClaroRead and Writing Helper) and when the app is next launched, it will read these values and attempt to license the product automatically.

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