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Getting Your Windows And Mac Site Licence Software

If you have purchased a site licence (or site license) from us, you will want to install the software on your network and/or on the machines of students and staff (depending on your licence conditions.)

Getting your software for your network

Usually our software needs a licence key. However, if you have purchased a site licence from us then you can get the un-keyed Windows Installer MSI files (or Mac DMG files) for installing on your network.

  • In the email, you will find the links to download the software, simply follow the instructions in the email.

  • Otherwise you log in to our website to obtain your software.

Log in and you will see the software to download under Network Installers. You will find programs and voices to download there for Windows and Mac:

Network installers icon

  • You will definitely need ClaroRead.

    • There are other Extra programs that come with ClaroRead: we recommend at a minimum you install ScreenRuler, ClaroCapture, and AudioNote.

  • You may install one or more voices. ClaroRead will work with any voices on the system, so installing our voices is optional. However, our Windows voices are much better than system voices (and speech is the most important function in ClaroRead, so we recommend you install at least one voice. Apple Mac system voices are fine, so you do not need Apple Mac voices from us.

  • The MSI installers and CAB files are wrapped up in zip files with a readme.txt file with further instructions inside. You can also find lots of information on these Help pages in the Network section.

  • Apple Mac PKG files can also be downloaded and installed.

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