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Provisioning Chromebook Site Licences

How to get ClaroRead Chrome or ClaroRead Edge to every user in your organisation.

If you have purchased a ClaroRead Chrome site licence then you will want to push it out to your organisation’s Chromebooks.

First, you should follow the step-by-step instructions on Provisioning ClaroRead Chrome, iOS Apps and Web Apps. This gets everything ready for when you push the software out to your Chromebooks.

Next, you can push ClaroRead Chrome out for installation across your whole Google Domain by installing  ClaroRead Chrome from the Chrome Web Store to your target Chromebooks using the Google Admin Console: 

Here is the ClaroRead Chrome extension Store entry for you:

That’s it! All the users in your Google Domain now get the features of ClaroRead Chrome Premium – scan from screen and reading in Word Online. You also have some administration tools appear which you can use to customise your ClaroRead Chrome installations – see ClaroRead Chrome Extension Site Policies.

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