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Change to Talk&Type Feature in Google Docs

In Read&Write, the Talk&Type feature offers two voice settings: Use Google Voice Typing and Use Talk&Type.  

The Google Voice Typing does not do capitalization or punctuation and will just type the words spoken.   The Talk&Type option will support the same punctuation rules and voice commands everywhere in the same way (full stop, new line, capitalization, punctuation, etc).

To change this settings, you would select the 3 dots (...) in the Read&Write toolbar

screenshot read&write toolbar

Select Settings

Read&Write Options

Then Talk&Type

Read&Write Settings

If Talk&Type is selected as the setting, to activate, you would simply click on the icon on the toolbar and begin speaking.

Read&write toolbar

If you prefer to use Google's built-in Voice typing tool, you would change the setting and then to activate within Google Docs, you would Click Tools on the Docs menu -> Voice Typing.  Or by pressing Ctrl-S.

Screenshot showing voice typing menu option in Google Docs

Then click on the microphone and it will turn red when voice typing is activated. 

Voice typing activated

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