How can I hide the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar

If you have Read&Write for Google Chrome and would like to hide the toolbar so that it doesn't appear, locate the purple puzzle piece iconRead&Write for Google Chrome icon  on the Chrome browser toolbar

Right click on the icon and select Options from the menu

Options Screen

When the Options window opens slide the button over to the right to disable Read&Write for Google Chrome.

Toolbar Enabled

Click the X in the upper right corner to apply the change and close the window

Toolbar Disabled

The purple puzzle piece icon will now be greyed out and both the Google Docs and web toolbars will be disabled.

Read&Write for Google Chrome Icon Greyed Out

You must refresh the page (F5) in a Google Doc for the change to be applied for the toolbar to be disabled

To enable the toolbar follow the steps above and slide the button to the right

Note: This option can be used for all individual Read&Write for Google Chrome users even if their Google admin has force installed the extension.