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Can I hide or move features on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar?

You can easily hide and move buttons on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar by clicking on the 3 dot button at the right end of the toolbar and go to Settings

In Settings go to Features 

Hide items on the toolbar

In Features select an item that you'd like to hide on the toolbar.

Features Settings On

You can turn off the ones you want to hide by sliding the button for each feature to the left. Slide the button to the right to restore a feature to the toolbar.

 Features Settings Off

Click Save to apply the changes

Move items on the toolbar 

In Features select an item until you see the 4 way up and down arrow and hold your mouse button. Continue holding and then you can then drag up or down to relocate the button on the toolbar (Dragging up moves it to the left, dragging down moves it to the right on the toolbar)

Feature Switch Move Items

 Click Save to apply the changes

These changes can be made on either the web and Google Docs toolbars (with the exception of features that are exclusive to either toolbar such as Voice Notes or Simplify). 

Changes to either toolbar will apply to the other once the web page has been refreshed.

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