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I want to change the number of words in the Read&Write for Google Chrome Prediction list

This article shows how to change the number of words that display for Read&Write for Google Chrome Prediction.

To change the number of suggested words in your Word Prediction list, do the following:

 Click the More button on the right end of the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar:

Toolbar Dropdown Button

Go to Options > Prediction 

Adjust the Number of results you’d like to see in your prediction list - you can choose between 3 and 10 words

Prediction Options

You also have the option to stop Prediction from following the cursor while you're typing. If you want to make that change, untick the Follow the cursor while typing box. 

There is also an option to Predict Ahead which will suggest words on the fly as you type. Turning this off will change Prediction to only appear once you begin typing.

You can also adjust the text size of predicted words in the Prediction window by sliding the button to the left to decrease or to the right to increase the text size. Sample text will appear in the box below so you can choose what suits best.

Click OK to apply any changes.

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