Activating Read&Write for Google Chrome by Product Code

If you've purchased a single license for Read&Write and you'd like to activate Read&Write for Google Chrome, you should have received your product code by email which you can use to activate your subscription.

If you haven't received your product code by email, please use the Contact Us form on our website to submit a request for your code.

To activate Read&Write for Google Chrome with your single license product code, open the toolbar by clicking the purple puzzle piece to the right end of the Chrome address bar:

Or click the purple puzzle piece tab in a Google Doc or Slide:

This will then open the toolbar with limited features (freemium version) and you'll see the message Learn more about our premium features.

Web toolbar:

Google Docs toolbar:

Click the More button on the right end of the toolbar:

Read&Write for Google Chrome Settings Dropdown Button

Select Options 

Then go to About:

Product Code Activation Screen

Enter your Product Code in the box

Click the Activate button

Then click OK to close the Options window

If you can't activate with the product code

Please contact with the following information:

  • The product code that you received in your welcome email
  • The email address that is to be used with that product code for the subscription (end user email address)