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Read&Write for Google Chrome vocabulary list issues

This article addresses issues with creating Vocabulary lists with Read&Write for Google Chrome

Vocabulary list is coming up blank

If you’re trying to create a Vocabulary List and it’s coming up blank, make sure that you have used the Highlighters on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar first to highlight the words you want in your list.

Important! In order for the list to populate, alternating highlight colors must be used for consecutive words.

 To create a Vocabulary List, do the following:

  1. Select a word from your document 
    1. Make sure to highlight each word individually using alternating colors, as opposed to selecting all of them at once with the same color
  2. Click on one of the Highlighters on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar to highlight a word
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 using alternating colors for all the words you want in your list
  4. Click the Vocabulary button to create the list

When creating a Vocabulary List, keep in mind Read&Write will only collect individual words and not sentences. If you highlight a list of words all at once, the Vocabulary List builder thinks it is a sentence and nothing will appear on the Doc.

Here is an example of what a list of words should look like if trying to use Vocabulary List builder:





Important! Make sure you hit enter after the last word or it will not collect

If the lists are still blank after checking the highlights, please read How to clear the Chrome cache and browser settings

Vocabulary list isn’t creating

If you’ve highlighted some words to create a vocabulary list and clicked the Vocabulary List button on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar

You should see the message below and a new Google Doc should be created for the vocabulary list:

Vocabulary List Created

If a new Doc doesn’t open, it's likely that permissions haven't been fully granted for Read&Write for Google Chrome:

Please read Allowing or removing permissions for instructions to revoke permissions and prompt to grant access.

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