Using Exam Mode in Read&Write for Windows

Read&Write for Windows Exam Mode allows a teacher or admin to turn Read&Write toolbar features off for exams. 


Please note that Exam Mode needs to be set up on the end user’s machine, as the settings will only apply to the Windows account they’re logged in with. 


To access Exam Mode:-


1 Run Read&Write and click on the Settings button and then Show more settings…


Show more settings


2 In the Find a Setting box type adminsettings



3 You’ll be asked to enter and confirm a password.  Once these have been entered,  click OK.  This password will give you access to the Administrator Settings section of Read&Write.


4 Once logged into the Administrator Settings section, click on the Exam Mode toggle to switch on Exam Mode.



5 Click on the toggle beside each feature that you’d like to turn off for the exam.



6 When you’ve finished turning off features, close the Read&Write Settings window.


After doing this, the student will only have access to the features you selected and only these buttons will be displayed on the Read&Write toolbar. The student will also not be able to access the full Settings menu, but will have access to some Speech Settings.



Once the exam is finished to switch Exam Mode off:-


Click on the Settings button and then Show more settings…



2 Enter the password that you created when switching on Exam Mode and click OK.



3 Click the Exam Mode toggle to switch off Exam Mode.



Close the Read&Write Settings window.


All the buttons and settings will now be available again on the Read&Write toolbar.