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Using Exam Mode In Equatio Desktop

The Exam Mode in Equatio Desktop allows a teacher or admin to turn Equatio toolbar features off for exams.

Exam Mode can be used to turn features off for one student on a particular computer where they will take an exam.

To activate Exam Mode on a student's machine simply download the features.json file and add it to any one of the following locations:







Once this file has been added to one of the locations mentioned above and you open Equatio your toolbar should look like this:

Toolbar in Exam Mode
If you want to enable/disable any features simply right click on the features.json file and open the file in Notepad.

You will see the list below. To enable/disable a feature, simply change the value to true/false respectively.

"prediction": true,

"equation": true,

"latex": true,

"graph": true,

"handwriting": true,

"speech": true,

"companion": true,

"equatio-mathspace": true,

"screenshot_reader": true,

"equatio-academy": true,

"stem-tools": true,

"action-buttons": true

N.B.  "action-buttons" refers to the 'Edit Math', 'Insert Math' and 'Copy Math' buttons.

The Options menus will also be reduced:
Reduced Options MenuOptions Menu Greyed Out Options
It will also remove the 'More' option from the Screenshot Reader when it has been used:
ScreenShot Reader in Exam Mode

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