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My Equatio Isn't Showing Premium Features

If you have a premium subscription for Equatio and the toolbar is inaccessible outside of Google Docs, you see an "Upgrade" option, or if you receive the "Oh no!" error, please go through the checklist below to ensure you receive premium features as soon as possible

Oh no! Error message of EquatIO showing no premium license

1) Check that you are signed in and Sync is enabled in the Google Chrome Browser

Type chrome://settings in the Chrome address bar and verify the email shown is the same as the email your Equatio subscription is tied to and that Sync has been enabled.

Image of the chrome settings page showing signed in user

2) Check to make sure that your Google Account is syncing

In the upper right corner of the Chrome browser you should see your icon or profile picture 

image showing account in browsers upper right corner

If you click this icon, you should see "Sync is on" - if you do not, please go to your chrome://settings page and select "Turn on Sync" which will sign you in

Image showing sync is enabled

3) Disconnect your account from the device

If you don't see a yellow triangle or red circle in the username tab, please see Turn sync on or off in Chrome and follow the instructions for Computer

Note: Turning sync off from a device does not delete the account. Chrome accounts are cloud based and cannot be deleted in this manner. Signing back in and turning sync on will restore the account to the selected device.

4) Update Google Chrome

Type chrome://help into the Chrome address bar, and this will apply any available updates automatically. If Chrome is up to date you will be shown this notification:

Chrome Up to Date Screenshot.png

5) Grant permissions for Equatio

Please see Allowing or removing permissions - Equatio.

6) Remove and re-add the Equatio extension 

Type chrome://extensions in the Chrome address bar, which will bring you to your list of extensions. Click on the trash can icon next to Equatio, which will remove the extensions. Re-add the extension through the Chrome Web Store.

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