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Updated Articles

  1. Read&Write For Windows System Requirements

    The minimum requirements needed to run Read&Write for Windows.
  2. Using Read&Write in Exams- Everything You Need to Know!

    All the information you need on Read&Write for exams.
  3. Disable Spellcheck In ClaroRead For Exams

    User guide to disable spell check in ClaroRead for use in an exam setting
  4. Writing Helper User Guide

    User guide for Writing Helper for Windows
  5. Roadmap And Release Notes

    Release notes and roadmap for Writing Helper
  6. Release Notes For Claro Products

    Release notes for Claro products
  7. Claro Software Downloads

    Claro software download links
  8. Licence Lookup

    Claro software licence lookup
  9. Fixing Problems With Microsoft Word

    User guide on fixing issues with Microsoft Word and ClaroRead
  10. ClaroIdeas Web User Guide

    User guide for ClaroIdeas Web Version
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