Updated Articles

  1. Getting Started with Fluency Tutor

    Here is a quick startup guide for Fluency Tutor. Installing Fluency Tutor To install Fluency Tutor for Google individually on a device, go to fluency.texthelp.com. This will prompt you to choose an account.  After that, allow t...
  2. Adding EquatIO for Canvas through the Canvas App Center

    The following instructions are for adding the EquatIO for LMS app to your Canvas environment through the Canvas App Center.  For Teacher/Course Designer instructions to add  EquatIO for LMS to specific Canvas courses, please cli...
  3. Getting Started with Read&Write for Google Chrome

    Read&Write for Google Chrome™ provides support tools for the web and common file types accessed through   Google Drive, including Google Docs, Google Slides, Web Pages, PDFs   and ePubs. This is a quick overview how how to acc...
  4. Google Resources

    Here are some useful Google sites regarding extensions: Install Chrome extensions via group policy or master_preferences Enroll Chrome devices Raise Cases with Google (enterprise accounts only) G Suite Known Issues ...
  5. URLs for Whitelisting Texthelp Products

  6. URLs for Whitelisting Texthelp Products

    Note: Whitelisting the top level domain *.texthelp.com will allow access for all .texthelp.com URLs listed in the categories below.  URLS specific to products are referenced in each product category Main URLs for All Versions of Read&am...
  7. My microphone isn’t working with Read&Write for Google Chrome Talk&Type (Speech Input)

    Read this article to find out what to do if your microphone isn't working with Read&Write Google Chrome Talk&Type
  8. Link to Video Tours

    Watch our product videos to help increase your undertanding of how each Texthelp product feature can be used
  9. Read&Write for Windows Sign in and Activation FAQs

    How to sign in and get started using Read&Write for Windows
  10. Using Exam Mode in Read&Write for Windows

    The Exam Mode in Read&Write for Windows allows a teacher or admin to turn Read&Write toolbar features off for exams.  Exam Mode can be used to turn features off for one student on a particular computer where they will take an exam. The...