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Updated Articles

  1. Extensions required for Read&Write for Google Chrome

    There are three extensions and an app that are all part of the Read&Write for Google Chrome product: The Read&Write for Google Chrome, Screenshot Reader, and Texthelp PDF Reader extensions and the Texthelp PDF Reader Drive App.
  2. Installing A Group or Unlimited License On A Standalone Computer

    T o install Read&Write on standalone computers:- Download and install Read&Write on a computer. Download the Multi-User Setup tool and run the Read&Write Multi User Setup.exe. This will install the application to your com...
  3. Adding OrbitNote For Canvas Through The Canvas App Center

    The following instructions show users how to add the OrbitNote app to their Canvas course.  Log in to your Dashboard and select the course you would like to use OrbitNote with.   When in that course, select “Settings” th...
  4. Sharing A Passage Using Google Classroom

    Sharing A Passage Using Google Classroom
  5. Read&Write For Mac System Requirements

    Read&Write For Mac System Requirements
  6. Signing In To Equatio Mathspace

    How to sign in to Equatio Mathspace
  7. Equatio Deployment

    Deploying Equatio
  8. Equatio PDF Integration

    Using Equatio with the Texthelp PDF Reader
  9. Getting Started With Equatio (Windows+Mac)

    Getting Started With Equatio (Windows+Mac)
  10. How Can I Uninstall the Equatio Google Chrome Extension?

    Uninstalling the Equatio extension for Google Chrome
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