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Updated Articles

  1. Installing Additional Voices

    How to download and install additional voices to use in Read&Write for Windows.
  2. Multiple Blank Windows Keep Popping Up When Opening a PDF

    How to fix PDFs not opening and blank window keeps popping up
  3. Licensing And VDI Environments

    Information on how Read&Write works with Virtual Environments.
  4. Importing Voice Profiles

    How to import voice profiles to Windows Speech Recognition that can be used in Read&Write for Windows.
  5. Read&Write for Windows needs admin approval when signing in

    How to give admin approval in Azure for Office 365 sign-in to Read&Write for Windows.
  6. Asked To Install Rosetta When Installing Read&Write

    What to do when asked To Install Rosetta When Installing Read&Write
  7. Read&Write For Mac Features That Require Internet Access

    Features That Require Internet Access For Read&Write For Mac
  8. No Sound When Using Read&Write for iPad

    If you've enabled the Read&Write for iPad keyboard and there is no sound when using features to read text, etc. if Silent Mode is On , that will disable speech for the Read&Write for iPad keyboard.  On Newer iPads S...
  9. Data Desk Custom Analytics

    The custom analytics page for Data Desk allows administrators to upload custom CSV files to merge their own data with our analytics and to filter and export the data they want.
  10. Getting Started With EquatIO (Windows+Mac)

    Getting Started With EquatIO (Windows+Mac)
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