Updated Articles

  1. New to Read&Write for iPad?....How to use it

    Read&Write for iPad is an alternative keyboard for your iPad. It offers several friendly tools to help if you’re writing emails, creating documents or entering and editing any kind of text.
  2. Signing in with Read&Write for iPad

    Follow these instructions if you're not seeing the premium features with Read&Write for iPad and have a Read&Write subscription
  3. WriQ Deployment

    To get started with deploying and licensing WriQ, please refer to the instructions below for your license type. (Group or Unlimited Domain-wide)
  4. Texthelp Admin Tool Guide (En español)

    La herramienta de Administración de Texthelp permite a los clientes administrar cuáles de sus usuarios obtienen acceso premium a los productos de Texthelp. Si usted es un cliente que compró una licencia de grupo para uno de nuestros productos, esta herramienta le permitirá licenciar correos electrónicos para que los respectivos usuarios puedan iniciar sesión y obtener accesos premium.
  5. URLs for Whitelisting Texthelp Products

    URLs to whitelist for Texthelp products
  6. What Do I Do If Office 365 Says It Needs Permissions to Access Resources?

    How to give admin approval in Azure for Office 365 sign-in to Read&Write for Windows.
  7. Activating Read&Write for Google Chrome by Product Code

    If you've purchased a single license for Read&Write and you'd like to activate Read&Write for Google Chrome, you should have received your product code by email which you can use to activate your subscription.
  8. Where's My WriQ Score?

    The WriQ score is determined by three factors. If any one of those factors is significantly out of the norm for that grade, it can skew the overall WriQ score to a point that it is no longer valid.
  9. End User License Agreement For Browsealoud

    EULA for Browsealoud.
  10. How To Deploy Apps And Extensions Through The Google Admin Console

    For instructions to deploy a Chrome app or extension to your users through the Google Admin Console please read Automatically install apps and extensions from Google Chrome Enterprise Help.