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New Articles

  1. Mobile notifications not working

    How to collect the data for when your Global Task notifications are not working
  2. Read&Write for Google Chrome: Rewordify

    This article demonstrates the functionality of the Rewordify feature in Read & Write for Google Chrome. Rewordify identifies complex or challenging words in your text and offers simpler alternatives to enhance comprehension. Upon clicking the R...
  3. How to use Global Tasks

    A quick guide on Global Tasks and how to get started
  4. Updating your licence

    How to download and run the ClaroRead Licence Updater
  5. Adding Claro web apps to your Android device

    How to add the Claro apps to your Android device
  6. Opening PDF's Automatically into OrbitNote

    This article will go over all of the ways a PDF can be directly opened into OrbitNote Opening PDFs from Google Drive: To Have PDFs in Google Drive open directly into OrbitNote, you will need to set OrbitNote as the default PDF reader in your Goo...
  7. ClaroRead Dictation/Voice Control

    Commands for using ClaroRead dictation to allow you to add punctuation and also control the computer
  8. User Guides for ClaroRead Extras

    User guides for the ClaroRead "extras" software
  9. Clearing your Site data and Cache

    Help with Global Tasks when it is not working correctly (such as Syncing tasks to your mobile or saving tasks, even being slow)
  10. Adding Corrections and App Exclusions to AutoCorrect

    How to manually add corrections and disable AutoCorrect in certain apps
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