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New Articles

  1. OrbitNote - Group License

  2. OrbitNote - Unlimited License

  3. Signing Into EquatIO With a Take Home Code

    How to sign into EquatIO with a Take Home Code
  4. Using Exam Mode In EquatIO Desktop

    Using Exam Mode in EquatIO Desktop
  5. Issues using EquatIO Mobile

    Some steps to help capture Math better with the EquatIO Mobile tool
  6. End User Agreement for OrbitNote

  7. OrbitNote EULA

  8. Managing The Autolaunch And Extension Prompts Of Read&Write For Windows On Your Network

    How to switch off the autolaunch of the Read&Write for Windows toolbar and the extension prompts across on your network.
  9. Changes to our End User Licence Agreements

    Following the acquisition of the Lingit Group, this short article explains some changes being made to improve processes across the Texthelp Group
  10. End User License Agreement for Claro Cloud

    Link to End User License Agreement for Claro Cloud
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