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  1. Big Sur OS 11 Compatibility With Read&Write For Mac New

    Big Sur OS 11 Compatibility With Read&Write For Mac
  2. Texthelp Admin Tool Guide (En español)

    La herramienta de Administración de Texthelp permite a los clientes administrar cuáles de sus usuarios obtienen acceso premium a los productos de Texthelp. Si usted es un cliente que compró una licencia de grupo para uno de nuestros productos, esta herramienta le permitirá licenciar correos electrónicos para que los respectivos usuarios puedan iniciar sesión y obtener accesos premium.
  3. End User License Agreement For Browsealoud

    EULA for Browsealoud.
  4. Don’t have a Google or Microsoft Account To Log Into The Browsealoud Portal?

    How to create a Google Account. 1. Visit 2. Click Sign in at the top right of the page. 3. On the login page, click Create account . 4. Enter your name and, instead of requesting a new Google email address, clic...
  5. Where Can I Download The Software From?

    Where to download Texthelp software.
  6. My microphone isn’t working with EquatIO Speech Input (Talk&Type)

    When using EquatIO’s Speech Input feature to dictate, you will first be prompted to allow microphone use in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides Click the Allow  button when prompted Then select Continue allowing https://docs.go...
  7. Using EquatIO In Canvas With The Rich Text Editor

    How to use the EquatIO LTI with Canvas
  8. Browsealoud V3 Version Management

    Browsealoud V3 Version Management that will detect if a toolbar version has been specified for your site in the Browsealoud Customer Portal and it will load that specific version on your site.
  9. Testing With The Latest Browsealoud Version

    Testing With The Latest Browsealoud Version if you are using versioning control before making it live.
  10. Using Read&Write For Windows With Respondus LockDown Browser

    How to use Read&Write for Windows with Respondus LockDown Browser.