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New Articles

  1. ClaroRead Not Reading PDF Documents In Adobe

    Steps for getting ClaroRead to read PDFs in Adobe Reader
  2. Claro Support Toolkit

    Support Toolkit download for ClaroRead for Windows and a run down of included tools.
  3. User Data And Internet Access

    Claro software products internet access and user data information
  4. Provisioning Chromebook Site Licences

    Guide to set up Chromebooks across a network and using the Google admin panel
  5. Getting Your Windows And Mac Site Licence Software

    User guide on accessing and downloading site licence software for Windows and Mac
  6. How To Change Read&Write for Google Chrome Default Settings for All Users

    With Read&Write for Google Chrome version 2.0 administrators can now change the Read&Write for Google Chrome default settings for all users across a domain. To change settings on the toolbar for exams or to turn features off for all users, ...
  7. ClaroRead In Arabic And Hebrew

    Guide and help on running ClaroRead in Hebrew and Arabic.
  8. Fixing Webcams And Scanners Not Working In Scan2Text (And FaceMouse)

    Troubleshooting and fixes for Webcams and scanners for Scan2Text and FaceMouse
  9. Using The Pronunciation Editor To Speak Non-Western Characters

    User guide on how to add non-western characters and symbols to ClaroRead using the pronunciation editor
  10. Disable Spellcheck In ClaroRead For Exams

    User guide to disable spell check in ClaroRead for use in an exam setting
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