Adding a Math Image in Forms


  1. Click on the Add-ons icon to open up g(Math) for Forms.

adding gmath 7.JPG

adding gmath 8.JPG


2. Select what you would like to create. In this example we are adding a math expression.

adding gmath 9.JPG

Now you will see your editable form with  the g(Math) window in the bottom right corner .

Creating a math expression 6.JPG


3. Click on the ADVANCED tab to access the LaTeX editor. Here are instructions on how to create a LaTeX expression.


4.Once you have created the LaTeX math expression, right click on the expression in the equation box and select Copy image address.

copy image address.JPG

4a. If your expression was created using the Simple Input Tab you will simply need to copy and paste the expression and by inserting it into the Advanced Input Tab it will be automatically converted into the LaTeX expression as shown below:

5. Now that you have the address (URL) copied, you can insert the image into the form. There are two places where you can insert the image. In the question field and under the questions.

inserting an image.JPG


6. Once to select the insert image icon, a window will open with multiple options of inserting an image. You will need to select By URL.

Add image by URL.JPG

The paste the address (URL) that you copied in step 4 next to Paste an image URL here:.

Add image by URL 2.JPG


You will now see your math expression in your form!

Add image by URL 3.JPG